My Personality Type

Gw baru aja ikutan personality test gitu. Hasilnya adalah, gw ternyata memiliki personality type ESTJ. Apakah itu??? Lebih jelasnya mengenai ESTJ bisa dilihat di sini Kurang paham juga saya… hehehe…

Jadi,,,, gini result test gw :

The Guardian

You’re a natural leader and a quick, logical decision maker.
Goals are important in your life, and you take many steps to achieve them.
You enjoy interacting with others, mostly through work related activities.
Your high energy level means that you are great at getting things done!

In love, you tend to bring stability to relationships.
You feel comfortable being in charge, and you enjoy being a provider.

At work, you take charge. You thrive in structured environments and don’t mind enforcing the rules.
You would make a great teacher, judge, or police detective.

How you see yourself: Realistic, stable, and pragmatic

When other people don’t get you, they see you as: Rigid, bound to rules, and a bad listener

Hah??? kok gak gitu sesuai ya rasa2nya ama gw?? Masa gw akan jadi great teacher?? secara gw gak jago ngajar gitu.. Jadi judge?? wakakaka,, bisa2 ancur dunia peradilan di Indonesia.. Apalagi police detective,, huahuahua, gak kebayang…

Tapi beberapa ada benernya juga, seperti ‘enjoy interacting with others‘. Pengen ngulang tesnya (siapa tau hasilnya beda), tapi males ahhh… huehueuhue….

Kalo ada yg mo nyoba, silahkan klik ke :

What’s Your Personality Type?


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