The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Well, I just watched this movie (in my computer, of course). I’m curious to watch because my friend seems excited ‘bout this movie (maybe because it’s Brad Pitt, haha) and in Rileks Forum it is rated 8 of 10. So, of course, I become excited to watch, too. After seeing the movie, I think it’s a pretty unique story. This movie tells about a man who had a kind of anomaly in his life. Usually, people get older in their life, don’t they? But this guy in this movie, named Benjamin Button, had a reversed life. Instead of getting older, he was getting younger in his life. He was born, as a baby, but with old look in his physics. In 7 years old, his hair was all white, he was unable to walk, he was wizened in all over his skin, and had a very weak body. So, as the time went by, he could walk, he got stronger, and he got taller. So, since the beginning till the end of the movie, it tells about the life of Benjamin Button. It tells about how his step mother raised and loved him, how he had gone to many sides of the world, and how he fell in love with a normal girl, named Daisy who loved Benjamin, too, though he was not a normal guy. Well, I won’t tell how the story ends, of course (I’m not a spoiler type). So, seeing the story, I admit that this is a good movie to watch. Nevertheless, I won’t make this movie as my favorite one, because this soooo drama. A hundred percent drama movie. While I’m definitely not a big fans of drama. I prefer action and comedy movies, which are more fun for me. So can you imagine, I watched this drama movie, in the night, which I have felt sleepy since the beginning, which has duration of 2,5 hours, with the sound of the narrator that can make anyone goes to sleep, I just couldn’t stand to continue after 1 hour watching. So, you know what I did? I skipped the movie; I fast forwarded it, and just watched the ending. Haha,,, drama isn’t my type at all. So, maybe people who love drama will love this movie. But unfortunately, I don’t. Although Brad Pitt becomes the actor, this is drama that had successfully made me fall asleep. Well, you can watch this if you need a lullaby, hahahaha….

Oh, yeah, I just remember, turns out I don’t hate all drama. There are actually two drama movies that I love. You know why I like these drama movies? Because these drama movies are so sad that made me cry. These movies can make me cry, not sleepy at least. These movies made me touched with the stories. These movies are titled “Pursuit of Happiness” and “I am Sam”. Pursuit of Happiness is based on a real story which tells about a poor man (Peter Gardner), with all of his hard works and his belief, could become a rich man. His struggle made me cry like a baby, a very meaningful story….

While “I am Sam” isn’t based on real story, but this is about a man which had some kind of mentally disorder. His IQ is the same as seven years old kid’s IQ. Sam has a daughter who loved him so much. She became afraid when she turned to seven. She didn’t want to grow older because it means that she will get smarter than his father. I kept crying since the beginning till the end of the movie, haha.. So, you can say that I love action, comedy, thriller, and horror; and I hate drama except for a very sad movie or a drama-musical movie. In conclusion, about this Benjamin Button movie, for those who love drama and Brad Pitt, I’ll suggest watching, but if you don’t, I’ll suggest watching other movies.


2 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

  1. suka sih ama film ini, tapi agak nyesal knapa dia harus pergi wktu anaknya lahir.. knapa ga dihadapin bersama aja..

    chong,, kuchong..

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