Pictures Talk!

Use Google Image search to search the answer to the questions below.

Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer.

1. The age of my next birthday is…


(angka cantik yak??? hehe)

2. A place I’d like to travel is..


(pengen keliling eropaaa…)

3. A favourite place



4. A favourite food


(Mm… yummy…I’ll never say no with chocolate, hohoho)

5. A favourite thing


(komputer adalah nyawa kedua gw)

6. A favourite colour


(entah kenapa, akhir2 ini jadi suka ngeliat warna hijau.. bikin segerrr keliatannya)

7. A city I was born is…

jakarta1(Jakarta yg makin polutif, but I still love this city)

8. A nickname I had…

ifa1(IFA lhooo….keren yak, nama gw ada di gedung gitu?? hehehehe)

9. College major…

ti1(kerjaannya anak Teknik Industri..)

10. Name of my love

allah_gr1(my only true love…)

11. A bad habit


(klo udah males… behhh.. parah bet)

12. Hobby


(saya senang baca novel….)

13. Wishlist (3)


(a happy family in a happy house…)


(bisa jadi backpacker…)

wanita-karir(jadi wanita karir dgn tetap bisa jadi ibu yg baik.. cieeee… hehehe)


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