Migraine Again

Goossshh.. Jakarta is HOT, HOT, and HOT!! Well,, everybody knows that! Bayi yg baru lahir di Jakarta pun langsung tau kalo kota ini panas bgt skrg.. That’s why when I was in high school, I wanted to go out of this city. Gw bertekad utk kuliah di manapun asalkan dingin, gak panas, jauh dari Jakarta. Years ago, almost everyday I could get a migraine, especially if I was out of home all day. Well, since I lived in Bandung four and a half years ago till now, the migraine just rarely come.

Right now, I am in Jakarta. I stay at home all day, but now I am having a migraine! SH*T! I am so sensitive to weather changes. Biasa di daerah dingin sekarang di daerah panas. Gw ga tahan berada di daerah panas lama2, karena migrain gw pasti kumat kalo kena panas lama2. Sadly, since I am just graduated now, I may have to leave Bandung in any moment. How could I cure my migrain then, if a few months later I must live in Jakarta again????


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