Chocolate’s Birthday..

I know, it’s been past 12 days since my 23rd birthday. Usually, since my birthday always fall in school holiday, I always have my birthday at home, receiving greetings and gifts, but that’s all. This year, it was different. Since I lived in Kemang Vista Residence, together with other 18 friends of mine from MT28, soooo they made a surprise for me. Not only a suprise, actually. By 5 past 12 o’clock in July 5, my friend took me to the roof top. I thought there would be nobody in the roof top, but suddenly, I saw all of them (welll,, not all of them, 16 of them actually, since the rest 2 people were sleeping and couldn’t be woken up, geez…) were standing in the roof top. It was great, guys, I was really surprised, never thought you made the surprise for me. More suprisingly, suddenly I felt cold in my body. Damn, they threw water to ME!!!! In the middle of the night!! Made me ‘menggigil’, but happy sih…. hahaha…

Another great thing that night was the cake! Thanx to SAFIA KARTINI ADRIANA, she has prepared a very very delicious chocolate cake. It was a great night, a very memorable night when two days after it, we all seperated, huhuhu… Thank you guuuyysss.. Right now, after a week seperated, I REALLY MISS YOU ALL…


Make a Wisssshhhh...

TAHNK YOU ALL… you are not my friends… you are all my families…. 🙂


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