Newly Experiences

I know, since I join Trakindo MT, now I seldom post in my own blog. Usually I at least post a blog in a week, now I ever absent from blogging world for a month!! Well, there are many things that I haven’t shared, especially my new experiences in Trakindo. Joining this company is really a very great moment of my life. I’ve told my story about my first rappling in waterfall (best moment everrrrrrrr… you must try!). And after that, I also learnt how to be a fireman! Wkwkwkwkwk…

learn from the basic :p

I also learnt how to do a CPR. It was fun but I don’t wish I need to do it in real, hehe..

In trakindo too, I for the first time mandiin kambing! Hwahahahaha… We had two goats, a couple we think since they never want to be seperated. We named them as Alpha (the female one) and Bravo (the male one). These are them, Alpha and Bravo R.I.P (we already ate them,, ahahaha,, sedih siih sebenernya).

Alpha (bawah) and Bravo (atas)

mandiin kambing every saturday!

Well, another unforgettable moment is learning how to ride EXCAVATOR and BULLDOZER!!! I never learn how to ride a motorbike or car, I don’t have any license card, but I can ride excavator and bulldozer,, hahaha…

Me riding bulldozer...

Me riding excavator!

There are gonna be other great experiences, I believe.. I’ll share to you again next, owkay?? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Newly Experiences

  1. jadi tau bedanya bulldozer ama excavator 😀
    mau CPR-in siapaa siiih cooong :p
    btw, itu sebelum dipadamin apinya,, dimanfaatin dulu bwt dipake bakar kambing guling (baca:alpha & bravo)… hihiihiih..
    tapi emang seru banget yaah cong kerja di lapangan itu… jadi pengeen ngerasain jg…

  2. ayo cong,, kembali update seminggu sekaliiii..
    lo ganti theme lg? td gw jg smpt mw ganti theme,, udh smpt preview theme ini jg cong
    untung ga beneran ganti.. hahaha

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