Idiocracy… (stands for idiot and democracy? hmm,, let me think of it.. yeah, I think so..)

Ever imagine that a country is led by a superidiot and this superidiot president leads people who even much more idiot than the president? Well, welcome to the Idiocracy, man. So in this movie, by the year of 2505, America was filled by people who couldn’t even count how much 5 minus 3 is and led by a president who was a rockstar and smack down athlete. The environment was so fucked up, garbage everywhere, and instead of water, people even babies drink gatorade while water only used for toilet.

And there’s this man, awoke after hibernating for 500 years due to a failed army experiment, shocked seeing the messed up country he lived, even more shocked when he saw how dumb people were then, became the smartest man in the world since he was the only one who could count how much 5 minus 3 is from the IQ test. So, while he was looking for the time machine to travel back to 500 years before, he was demanded by the president to solve all problems in the country, started from how to grow crops. If he didn’t wanna do what the president asked him for, he will be put back into jail, since he was already charged for not having an ID tattoo on his hand and successfully escaped when he almost became a prisoner using his normal brain versus other people’s abnormal retarded brain.

Haha, hilariously funny, so I think you should watch this movie. It was just like jokes from the start till the end of the movie, really. But, be careful, watching this movie might cause side effect for some people. For example, me. After watching the movie, I tried to turned my laptop on to write this review. And you know, when I did that, I tried to plug the round tip of cable (which should connect to my laptop) into the stop contact. And stupidly, I kept trying to plug it for about a few seconds, wondered why I still couldn’t plug the tip successfully, until I realized “Oh nooo,, I plug the wrong tip!!!!“.

Ever seen a president like this? Well, you will only find it in Idiocracy movie 😀


2 thoughts on “Idiocracy… (stands for idiot and democracy? hmm,, let me think of it.. yeah, I think so..)

  1. is this the one from me? 😀
    the main idea is awesome, and also the description to compare two families at the beginning is also successful
    unfortunately in the middle-end of the movie some jokes just didn’t work
    the film looks like it’s only filmed in a studio, maybe it’s a directing style but I think it can be better if Mike Judge can make more strange and unreal.. cmiiw

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