Awaiting to Read…

Udah lama gw gak baca novel lagi, deh. Semenjak OJT dimulai. Ada beberapa buku yang mengantri untuk gw baca. Antara lain : Blink, Naked Traveler 2, Negeri 5 Menara (belum beres gw baca, tapi udah niat gw kembalikan, errr.. blom gw balikin yak,bron? hadeeeehh…), dan Gossip Girl. Oooppss, Gossip Girl? Yap, I got this one from my friends (couple friends, who just became couple a day before my bday, hihi), who also planned for a surprise for me in the middle of the night in roof top, who also has gave a very delicious chocolate cake, who is Safia Kartini Adriana and his boyfriend Megasworo a.k.a Ega.

Here is the book…

With this attached card…

She must gave me this novel because we both like Gossip Girl TV series. Then, she recommended me to read the novel coz she thinks that the novel is much better than the TV series. I believe so! Well, gw akan bertekad nyelesain nih novel semua sebelum balik lagi ke jakarta deh. Tapi padahal gw niat mau nyari novel baru lagi disini.. Heheh… Anyway, i’m really grateful for having a friend like Safia. Thank you, mates…

And wait for the book review…. (


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