“The Dream Is Real” – Inception!

I have to write about this, I have to write about this… I don’t care though I’m so late posting about this movie. As I don’t care much if I were the last person on earth writing review about this movie too. Since this one is one of the coolest movie ever I’ve ever watched. Let me repeat it, EVER! I think it’s gonna be the best movie of the year 2010. Seriously. Okay, I admit, shame on me, that I had to watch this cool movie by DVD instead of in the real cinema (Thanx to Samarinda cinema that time which preferred to play eclipse movie to this one. Eclipse which i’m sure was rated below 5? Oh please…).

Truthfully, I was actually speechless, you know. I’ve been amazed by the main idea of this movie since the beginning of the movie. So the idea is, that you can create your own scene in your dream, take anyone else you want to join into your dream, and the best part is… that you can create your dream within a dream till you may have no idea which one is real and which one is a dream. How is that possible? How could Christopher Nolan (same director of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) have such an amazing, brilliant, and super-creative idea of a movie? (if only I could borrow your brain, Nolan…). The story contains complex related details and some strange terms (such as subconscious, limbo, or totem) but no need to worry that you can’t swallow it.

Not only the story, this movie was also played by best actors. You can meet Leonardo Di Caprio (who doesn’t know him?), Ellen Page (if you watched Juno, you’ll know her instantly), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (I just remembered that he played in 500 Days of Summer), Cillian Murphy (you all know him too, I kinda think that he has unique face), Ken Watanabe (remember The Last Samurai movie?), Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, and Michael Caine. And the effect? No need to ask. It’s a W-O-W, double wow… and AWESOME!

FYI, actually, I kinda haven’t really understood what the meaning of inception itself here. In translator, you’ll find inception means ‘beginning’. Beginning as in affecting and changing people’s mind to be altered in new different perception? I’m not quite sure. Correct me if I’m mistaken. (P.S. : HK, please tell me whether my definition of Inception in this movie is correct, would you? Hehe….). In IMDB, this movie is rated 9.0/10 and now positioned in 5th rank of TOP 250 movies (what a record!) but i myself think that it’s a NINE PLUS PLUS rate, close to 10, perfect!


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