Eleven Hours, only in A mall…

I seldom have a fun weekend, lately. But thanx God, recently I don’t feel bored at weekend. As I’ve said, last two weeks I joined biking activities and last weekend I just had a fun Saturday night with my friends from MT27 (FYI, i was a member of MT28), which have projects in Satui (Zul 28 & Yeri 27) and Tanjung Adaro (Agung 27 & Mifta 27). I even passed my driving lesson that day just to be with them. Why do I enjoy spending time with them? Because we basically have same humor sense. I couldn’t stop laughing and joking with them and we all went crazy together.

Unfortunately, we were having Saturday night in Banjarmasin, a city with only one mall and one cinema, and doesn’t have various hang-out place at night as many as Bandung or even Balikpapan. But still, our weekend night was not ruined either, we could still have fun. We had lunch, we played game, we watched Harry Potter 7, then dinner, and finally 2 hours of karaoke. Totally, how many hours we spent only in one mall? 11 hours! Too bad that by Sunday afternoon, they had to go back to Tanjung & Satui. So, hopefully, we can have some fun again together next time, with more people joined too.

Ki-Ka : Om Mifta - Bang Zul - Agung - Yeri


Serasa anak-anak lagi


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