Fun Time w/ Myself

Siapa yg bilang kalau kita tidak bisa bersenang-senang sendirian? I just did spent fun time today by myself. Bermula dari keinginan dan tekad kuat gw utk menggunakan weekend ini untuk melakukan project stuff. But, I can’t do the project stuff in my room, karena : Satu, no table n no chair in my room so I won’t feel comfortable if I do it on my bed. Menurut ilmu ergonomi juga gak baik untuk postur tubuh, hahahah. Dua, panas di dalam kamar. Butuh suasana yg adem. Kalo panas mana bisa mikir kan? Tiga, gw butuh suasana yg berbeda, nyaman, dan kondusif untuk fokus sambil bersenang-senang. Gak mungkin bisa produktif kalo di kamar. So, Excelso is the place I chose to go to today (gak ada starbak or Jeko disini cuy…). Pick a table near electric contact, open my laptop, put the music on, and order a Chocochip Frappio. Hmmm,, and the world is truly yours… Hehehehe… This is the first time I sat in a cafe alone like that. I really enjoyed it. So, totally I spent almost 5 hours in Excelso! Wew… Ditutup dengan hidangan banana split tentunya, hehehehe… Memang benar terbukti, that people would pay a lot, hanya demi mencari suasana yg nyaman.

Lalu, the self-fun-time didn’t end there. I have been planning to watch a movie too. So, a movie called “The Next Three Days” (after recommended by HK) showing at 18.00 is a perfect choice, I think. Sesampainya di depan penjual tiket, waktu sudah menunjukkan pukul 18.15, but it’s okay. Only 15 minutes left, besides I already knew a bit what the movie was about. Jumlah penonton sedikit, cuma sekitar 10-an orang. Perfect! And I also really enjoyed that time. The movie was good, really good. It tells about a prison breaking a husband do to set his innocent wife free. Haha, since I was so addicted w/ Prison Break TV Series, I became so interested with prison break themed movies, like Shawshank Redemption (still number 1 in top 250 movies iMDB). I have spent my whole week with many friends since Tuesday, sooo gw ngerasa jalan-jalan n bersenang-senang sendirian seperti itu menjadi bentuk refreshing.

Okay, now, wish me luck for tomorrow…. (something to do with my project assignment)


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