Everything is nice….

It must be nice to have a huge salary every month…
It must be nice to be able to go anywhere you want anytime…
It must also be nice to have someone you love and love you back…

But hey, i have nice things too!

Since I joined this company,
I have been in many new places in one last year, free!
I have experienced so many great things that i never imagined i would do before!
I now have best friends who care about me and have considered me as their sister, as I have considered them as my sisters and brothers too!
And at last, I felt the love and hurt at the same time. Hurtful, yes, but I’ll consider it as a life experience.

Other people’s grasses will always look greener.
But don’t forget to look at our own grasses too.
Our grasses have their own color, taste, & quality that others’ don’t have.
So, let’s just be grateful of what we have…



Some random book….

Well, I forgot where I saw these below quotes. Yang jelas dari sebuah buku or novel…

Aku hanya dapat menunggu di beranda jiwa
Di sebuah ruang kosong yang hampa
Berharap suatu saat
Kau akan menyebut dan memanggil namaku
Lalu menyapaku dalam penantian
Dan kaupun mengajakku seraya berkata

“Mari masuk ke dalam hatiku,
Tak ada siapa-siapa disana”