In one of my best friends’ engagement….

It was a sunny Sunday (June 5, 2011) when Wulan & me went to the rainy city, which is also know as Bogor. For what? Yeah, for an engagement ceremonial of our best friend, Fitria. Not only me & Wulan attended it, but also Karin & Sinta. Others couldn’t come. It was the first engagement ceremonial i’ve ever attended, and I didn’t have any idea how engagement ceremonial looked alike. Karin & me had also no idea what kind of costume we should wear to an engagement ceremonial (so Karin & me, fussing about small stuffs, heheheh), till I finally told Karin “just wear anything but t-shirt“, ha3, pathetic us…. When my second elder sister got engaged, I was still in 2nd grade of senior high school, and I don’t remember anything about the engagement except that my mom had cooked many enough foods for the ceremonial (kalo soal makanan aja, gw inget, ahahaha…).

Fitria’s engagement made four of us envy it and wonder when our turn will come. It’s natural feeling, i think, especially for single ladies like us, hahahaha… We were happy and sad at the same time, but of course the portion of happy feeling is bigger than the other one. Before we went home, we asked Fitria to tread each of our foot so her love luck will spread to four of us, too, hahahaha… Anyway, congratulation for the engagement, Fitria. I don’t know whether I could come to your wedding, that you said by the end of this year, but if God allows, I will come definitely. May everything that you, your husband-wanna-be, and your family plan for the wedding run smoothly. We love you, muach, muach!

Four of us with the happy couple.... 🙂

Minta diinjek satu2 ama kakinya Fitria 😀


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