The story of me getting addicted with a game…

Yes, Plants VS Zombies game is totally a virus. So addicted to it, until finally i finished all the levels in “adventure”, “mini-games”, “puzzle”, and “survival”. Actually my friends have started to play this game since months ago. But, I kept refrain, coz if i start to play it, i wouldn’t stop, while that time i was doing my project and i had to focus on it. I’m not the game-addict person either. Sooo, right after my Innovation Proposal presentation (the one that become the biggest finale presentation after a year program), i immediately installed the game in my laptop, and played it in the office while waiting for my other friends finished their presentation. I decided to play the game coz i need to refresh my brain so much (after a year). And this game too that accompany me along my annual leave at home.

Yes, yes, yes… this is the kind of game that I like, which needs strategy and speed of us to win it. So we won’t get bored playing it. I don’t like games that can make me boring in the middle of the levels like Dinner Dash and its friends. And now, since i’ve finished all the levels, i need another game to make me keep “busy” at home, until June 23rd when i have to get back to work (the real work, finally). I kinda hope that Plants vs Zombies has its sequel (Plants vs Zombies 2). Will it come out? Just like other games which have sequel, such as: Jojo’s Fashion Show (i’ve played until Jojo’s Fashion Show 3) and Parampaa. Speaking of Parampaa, it’s the most “sinting” quiz-game ever. All 100 levels in Parampaa, i insisted to finish it in a day, without using any cheat. Made me really think so hard for something actually really fool. Hahahaha..

Yesterday, some friends tweeted me that I should play “Angry Birds” and “Farmtribe”. Well, currently i’m downloading the “Angry Birds”. This game is kinda famous in Android and iPhone that make me curious. Too bad, not in Blackberry too. Yeah, I admit that Android and iPhone have excellence in cool applications, but they don’t have Blackberry Messenger, hehe..

If you guys want to download “Angry Birds” game so you can play in your PC or laptop, here is the link.

We’ll see how addictive this “Angry Birds” is…. 😉


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