The Lost Symbol

A friend of mine (let’s call him as HK) mentioned my name in his tweet tonight, made me realize that i haven’t written yet about the last Dan Brown’s novel I bought and read. Well, as we know, the last novel Dan Brown wrote until today is The Lost Symbol. This novel has been published months before actually, but I had no chance to buy (or borrow) it, until one day, in the best-looking Gramedia book store i’ve ever visited (in Grand Indonesia, of course) i found that the English version of The Last Symbol is cheaper and lighter than the Indonesia version one. So, wow, HK and I were surprised, since usually the English version is more expensive, then I decided to buy it, while HK decided to borrow the book from me after I read it (kekekek..).

As other four previous novels, this book also made the readers stun with the brand new technology and all ancient histories. Is there a ‘but’? Yes, there is. I agree with what HK said in his tweet to me today. That the ending of this novel is a bit anticlimatic. Seeing the plot and the story, I have expected a ‘wow’, but turned out I ended with ‘what?’ and “huh, that’s it?”. And here comes another ‘but’.. But at least there’s one part of the endings in this book that’s surprising enough for me. Compared to other four novels which have some similarities, this novel has a bit difference. In other four novels, we wouldn’t know the real ‘bad guy’ till the end of the story and usually the ‘bad guy’ holds a very high position. While in The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown has revealed the ‘bad guy’ in the middle of the story. So, what is the next Dan Brown’s novel???


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