I heart Monday

One of the most popular diseases that people have in the beginning of the week is the “I hate Monday” disease. Me? Well, I was the loyal patient of that disease. Every time Monday came, I usually felt “awww nooo.. It’s Monday agaaaiinnn…”, then I’d get up and went to the office very lazily. However, recently, for the last two weeks, I didn’t feel it. Yeay!

Now I figured out a way how not to hate Monday. So, in order to love Monday, one of the ways is wearing or using or putting something new on yourself! Wearing something new usually makes us feel brand new and full of spirit, right? hehe… Last Monday, I, for the first time, used lightening day cream of Natasha product. And this Monday, I wore my new clothes and put some creative works with it, then voila! Brand new outfit… He he he… Well, don’t need to buy something new every Monday then, just looking differently every Monday, I think, will work.. 😉


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