Everything Happens For A Reason…

You ever heard that “everything happens for a reason”, right? Everything happens for a reason. EVERY THING.. So, doesn’t it make you wonder? Coz it makes me wonder everyday. For example, why am I being here? Being far away from my home? Why haven’t I met the one yet? While I’m almost desperately searching for the one? Why am I placed in the place the doesn’t fit me a lot? While God should’ve known better place for me? Coz I don’t feel that I belong here..

Those why’s are too much to count for me. And why can’t we find the answers of those questions? I think, because we’re humans. We don’t create this world with its life. God did it. I’ve been in the position where I once blamed God for what once happened to me. I’m not very proud of what I was that time. But something made me realised that I shouldn’t have done that. We’re just humans. Yes, we do have brain, but our brain intelligence is not smart enough to answer all those why’s, to understand the life.

So, what we can do as human, when we feel all those desperation? I only did two things for that. One, have a faith that every thing does happen for a reason. A good reason, certainly. And two, pray everyday to God, to show me the way and clue so I don’t get lost and lose my faith in God…


The missing moments

The saddest part of living far away from home and your friends is that you cannot attend some or many good moments of togetherness. For example, your best friend’s wedding. When one of your best friends gives announcement or invitation of his/her wedding, and ask you to be there too, but you cannot just across the ocean suddenly and leave your job in your current place.. Well, I know exactly how it feels. You’ll greet her/him, say you’re deeply sorry you can’t be there, and wish her/him happiness. And then, when the pictures of the wedding are uploaded on facebook or bb, you’ll say like this in your heart, “Awww,, I wish I were there too”. I don’t know how many that kind of moments I’ve missed. Maybe close to ten.

Sure, you cannot do anything about this, unless you have doraemon’s magic door, hahahah. You can still meet your friends when you get back to your hometown, anyway. So, when that ‘you-cannot-attend-your-best-friend-wedding’ moment comes, you can only wish that God will change all the good moments you’ve missed to see, in the future. 😉