It’s the Plants!!! But where are the zombies???

Dear beloved Plants vs Zombies fans…. Can you just guess what I just found in one of a toy shops in a mall in Samarinda city? This is it (Farah Quinn style)…

It's The Plants!!!!

Tadaaaaaa!!!! Yeppp,, it’s the doll version of the Plants in Plants vs Zombies game!! I just found them when we walked into the “Gama (Galeri Mainan)” shop. Haven’t decided yet whether to buy it or not,, but maybe I’ll come back later and buy one of the pea shooters, then plant it in my own yard to kill the zombies (if any)… Wkwkwkwkwk… I wish I had a nephew or niece so I have a strong reason to buy all of those dolls. Coz if I buy them all just for myself, I kinda feel a bit silly.. Besides, there’s no space in my small kosan room to keep those dolls. Or maybe, I’ll just pretend that I have a nephew or niece, I buy those dolls for my ‘unborn’ nephew/niece, then when I finally have one, I’ll give those dolls to them.. Or maybe to my own future baby (wewwww…),, akakakakak….


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