Notes from Qatar, a Very Inspirative Book for Me

Yes. I believe that many of you have heard about this book. A book written by a very young man at my age (in other words, I’m still also very young :p), an Indonesian who just finished his master education in Qatar then wrote his experiences & shared his knowledge in his blog which now summarized and able to be consumed by public in a book (well, two books already now actually) titled “Notes from Qatar”. Karin (my soulmateee :*) recommended me to read this book when I was in a very down condition. What kind of condition? The very lowest condition of mine. The hopeless and very miserable feeling I felt that time made me blame God and did not know anymore what I should pray to God, coz I thought that saying my pray to God is useless and unheard. Yes, I was that low and I am really not proud of my condition that time.

So, I went to the only Gramedia book store in the city (but I’ll always miss the Gramedia book store in Grand Indonesia, oh how lovely), bought the book and read it as I arrived at my kosan. Instantly, I loved the book since the very first page, especially to the sentence that the writer wrote which sounds like “There’s no growth in comfort zone, and there’s no comfort in growth zone. So we must leave our comfort zone to grow”. At the moment, I thought “Damn, that’s what I’m feeling! This city isn’t my comfort zone at all. Soo I guess I should’ve been glad that this is the right place for me to grow”. Page by page, I kept reading it, and.. I cried (yes, I am a whiny girl). I was ashamed of myself. How could I have a very negative thinking to God? How could I be that arrogant to God that I felt I didn’t want to pray anymore that time to God? We must have a positive thinking to God and to ourselves, that’s what the author taught me through his experiences & hadists that he also quoted in his writings. Positive, Persistance, and Pray (3P), that what he said, in order to get what we want. He didn’t just say it, he experienced it all. So, we, as readers, would believe in him.

Another thing that made me amazed from reading that book. About the power of alms or ‘sedekah’. He has often given his alms to many people who need it, and he always gets the minimum of 10 times real return from God. Many of his ‘unbelievable’ lucks that he got from his alms. Gosh, you have to read it to really see how the ‘sedekah’ works and read Q.S. Al-Baqarah [2]: 261 to see what God promises to us. Another learning I got from this book is that God NEVER deny his promises and that’s it’s a hundred percent okay for us to do some good things in hoping of good return from God. So I made promise to myself that from now on, I won’t hesitate to give my alms to any people who need it.

To sum up, I really recommend anyone to read “Notes from Qatar”. Very helpful and able to open our mind and our heart. It’s not hard to swallow either since he wrote it with his blog-style writing. And FYI, currently there’s already the sequel book which titled “Notes from Qatar 2 : Honest, Humble, and Helpful” which is also recommended to read. At last, I wanna say thank you very much to the author, who gave a very valuable lessons for me, and also to Karin who recommended this book to me when I was feeling down (kiss & hug, muachh!!).

P.S : I have proven the power of ‘sedekah’. I once did it and Alhamdulillah God gave me ‘something’ which is unmeasurable by money. God finally gave me what I have wanted & needed & prayed when I was feeling down as I told before. God finally granted my biggest wish. Grateful for it. Thank You, Allah…


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