Some Pregnancy Guidance Books

These books are recommended for those who are pregnant (for the first time especially) and want to know about pregnancy and how to take care or look after their babies..

1. The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy (author: Vicki Iovine)


This book consists of experiences of many pregnant ladies which mostly came from the author and her girlfriends’ experiences. Since pregnant moms experience some or many new and strange symptoms, this book will be useful to make them understand that those symptoms are natural and happen to many other pregnant ladies. Besides, this book also tells how to overcome all coming problems and confusions. This book tells things when our doctors can’t tell all.

2. The Baby Book (author: William Sears, M.D. & Martha Sears, R.N.)


I haven’t read all five book series in this one-package-book, but this book says that it consists of everything we need to know about our baby since born till two years old. Maybe many parents sugest to do one particular same thing to the babies, but the authors of this book say that if we do the opposite of it, it’ll be more effective for the growing of the baby. And they won’t write those if they haven’t practiced those. Everything they wrote have been proven effective to their patients. For this book, I must thank to Toil alias Dita. Thank you, aunty Ditaaa…♥ 😀

3. Baby Whisperer (author: Tracy Hogg)


There are some series of these books. I order three series from outside country by ebay (because this is a rare book in Indonesia while I have tried to find it in different book stores in different cities), but we just received one of three ordered books. The author of this book teach us how to communicate  with our baby who can’t talk yet, by recognizing their cues, their whine, and their cry. This is important so we don’t mistreat them.

Those are books which are represantive enough for newly mothers. Because we want the best for our child, don’t we?

P.S.: this is the last usg picture of my baby. He/she (we still don’t know the gender yet) is doing “koprol”. Amazing, kid. You always successfully make us amazed. My friends said that it was because his/her attractive mother… -_-”


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