Dari semua teman saya yg sudah pernah melahirkan (secara normal), tak seorang pun yg berkata bahwa proses persalinan tidak menyakitkan. Ada yg menceritakan hingga detilnya betapa menyakitkannya persalinan itu. Jujur saja, di bulan pertama kehamilan saya, saya (sedikit) pa-nik. Saya takut dengan rasa sakitnya melahirkan. Maka saya browsing2 mengenai metode2 melahirkan, dan barulah saya ketahui tentang hypnobirthing. Maka saya beli bukunya. Saya baca sekilas saat itu dan langsung memahami maksud dari hypnobirthing itu, yaitu melahirkan dengan metode relaksasi, mensugesti diri kita bahwa persalinan akan lancar dan tdk menyakitkan. Cara relaksasinya sama dgn relaksasi yg pernah saya pelajari & praktikkan di siaware training. Karena pernah berhasil mempraktikkan relaksasi dan menggunakan kekuatan pikiran, saya pun percaya dgn metode hypnobirthing ini, bahwa dgn kekuatan pikiran yg tenang, kita bisa mengontrol tubuh kita. Kekuatan alam bawah sadar memang dahsyat.

Tapi seiring dgn berjalannya waktu, semakin mendengar cerita2 teman, saya makin merasa tidak takut lagi mendengar persalinan. Prinsipku, “if they can do, I can too!”. Tapi tetap mensugesti diri sendiri persalinan saya akan lancar dan tdk akan sesakit seperti yg teman2 saya alami. Bahkan ada satu teman kerja yg selalu menakut2i saya dgn sakitnya proses persalinan, makanya dia waktu itu langsung memilih cesar. Ah, saya tak terpengaruh. Saya malah lebih takut operasi. Saya justru kasihan dgn orang2 yang takut sakit seperti itu. Prinsip saya yg lain adalah: “hadapi rasa takutmu”. Ya, memang awal2nya saya takut tapi langsung saya putuskan utk menghadapi rasa takut saya dan akan membuktikan pada mereka bahwa persalinan bisa saja tidak menyakitkan. Semua hanya ada di pikiran kita. Ya, tidak ada salahnya kan mencoba metode ini. Bisa latihan sendiri d rumah, dan ga perlu pake bius or epidural pula. Jadi akan saya mulai coba relaksasi dari sekarang (mumpung lg cuti) dan semoga saja saya akan mengalami proses persalinan yg lancar, normal, tanpa rasa sakit yang menyakitkan. Bayi jg lahir sehat. Amiinnn…

Tak terasa (kurang bener jg sih ini, sbnrnya terasa kaliiii) udah 29 minggu (estimasi dokter), memasuki trimester akhir, yayyy!!! Gak sabar lihat muka dedek, meskipun udh intip lewat 4D… hehehe…


Saya sandingkan dgn foto saya waktu bayi krn semua org pada bilang mirip saya.. Sedangkan saya mirip bgt sama ibu saya. Hahahah, tampaknya gen ibu saya kuat sekali.. 😀


Some Pregnancy Guidance Books

These books are recommended for those who are pregnant (for the first time especially) and want to know about pregnancy and how to take care or look after their babies..

1. The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy (author: Vicki Iovine)


This book consists of experiences of many pregnant ladies which mostly came from the author and her girlfriends’ experiences. Since pregnant moms experience some or many new and strange symptoms, this book will be useful to make them understand that those symptoms are natural and happen to many other pregnant ladies. Besides, this book also tells how to overcome all coming problems and confusions. This book tells things when our doctors can’t tell all.

2. The Baby Book (author: William Sears, M.D. & Martha Sears, R.N.)


I haven’t read all five book series in this one-package-book, but this book says that it consists of everything we need to know about our baby since born till two years old. Maybe many parents sugest to do one particular same thing to the babies, but the authors of this book say that if we do the opposite of it, it’ll be more effective for the growing of the baby. And they won’t write those if they haven’t practiced those. Everything they wrote have been proven effective to their patients. For this book, I must thank to Toil alias Dita. Thank you, aunty Ditaaa…♥ 😀

3. Baby Whisperer (author: Tracy Hogg)


There are some series of these books. I order three series from outside country by ebay (because this is a rare book in Indonesia while I have tried to find it in different book stores in different cities), but we just received one of three ordered books. The author of this book teach us how to communicate  with our baby who can’t talk yet, by recognizing their cues, their whine, and their cry. This is important so we don’t mistreat them.

Those are books which are represantive enough for newly mothers. Because we want the best for our child, don’t we?

P.S.: this is the last usg picture of my baby. He/she (we still don’t know the gender yet) is doing “koprol”. Amazing, kid. You always successfully make us amazed. My friends said that it was because his/her attractive mother… -_-”


New Life


Dari sebuah kantung kecil, kini ia telah menjelma menjadi sebuah janin. Ia telah memiliki kepala, hidung, tangan, kaki. Dua kehidupan dalam 1 tubuh. Ia masih berusia 11 minggu 5 hari saat itu. Entah apakah sudah ada ruh yg ditiupkan, tapi jantungny sudah berdetak. Dan kami mendengarkan suara detak jantungny yg meluluhkan hati. Kami jg melihat tubuh sekecil 5 cm nya terloncat dan tangannya bergerak-gerak seakan melambai ke atas, setelah sang ibunya janin tertawa-tawa karena rasa lega. Lega, ia tumbuh normal, karena terakhir cek, ia masih berbentuk kantung.

Tak sabar kami ingin melihatmu lagi, nak. Tumbuhlah dan berkembanglah. Seraplah semua gizi dari makanan yang mamamu makan. Nasi, sayuran, ikan, daging, buah2an, vitamin, susu, semuanya itu buat kamu, anakku sayang. Ambillah kalsium dari tulang mama. Kami ingin kamu menjadi anak yang sehat. Semua akan kami dedikasikan untukmu. Dulu mamamu takut akan sakitnya melahirkanmu ke dunia. Tapi, kini, mama siap. Kalau wanita2 lain bisa menghadapinya, maka aku pun pasti bisa. Because you are the gift we got from somewhere up above…

Week 9

It feels like years since the last time I posted here. Blame on the lazy hormone I feel since I become pregnant *errr, does this kind of hormone even exist??ha3*. So, maybe from now I’ll be babbling about my pregnancy and its stuffs here. Please consider this as your future references and a kind of tool that might be read by my future son/daughter. I know, my pregnancy age is still very young (on the 9th week by now), so wish me and pray for me and the baby so we can pass the 9 months successfully.

Wanna know what I think about pregnancy? Being pregnant is not a hundred percent easy. The sacrifice of a mother begins when you see doubtfully the two stripes on your test pack (I even need to be assured by my girl friend that it’s positive, ckckckck). Since then, you’ll feel all other signs that’s showing you’re pregnant. The changing shape of your body. The very moody and emotional feeling that close to craziness. The wondering feeling whether you’re getting old too fast since suddenly you feel very easily tired, sleepy, and memoryless. Aanndd… more gassy, hahahah. One more thing, all pregnant women suddenly become lazy. Sooo lazy. All of those symptoms are natural due to hormonal change, so don’t worry. Take these as benefits, and your husband must understand these.

At first, you can use this pregnancy as your reason to eat much. Wkwkwk.. But on the 5th week, the sacrifice really just began. My appetite drops significantly. Morning and evening sicknesses. I don’t like rice. Many pregnant women also feel the same. So I can only eat lontong, or bubur, or french fries. Many foods I used to like now become disgusting for me. My friends calmed me down, suggest me to eat anything I can eat, and after the 4th month, when the placenta has been formed perfectly, the appetite will come back and increase so crazily. That’s what they and literatures say, BUT I just enter the 3rd month (geez….), so I need to be more patient (fiuhhh). Losing the ability in eating everything is kinda miserable for me, but yeah this is the sacrifice that we must get through.

I’m considered still lucky that I can put some foods into me, coz there are some pregnant women feel worse than me, can’t really eat anything or can’t even get up from their bed (like what my mom felt). Yeah, being a mother isn’t easy. But how hard the pregnancy is, it mustn’t be harder than raising our child when they’re born to the world.

Once you’re declared pregnant by a doctor, you’ll feel the mixture of all kinds of feelings. Happiness, of course. Then comes the fears. You’re afraid you’ll have a miscarriage or something bad will happen to the fetus. Afraid of the painful birthing process. And a bit of worriness, like “When the baby born, will I be able to raise them better than my parents did?” Whatever we feel, we are suggested to just enjoy it, because there are two things that are very restricted for pregnant ladies. One, coffee. And two, the stress feeling. If you feel worried or stressed, read books about pregnancy, read pregnant women discussions on internet, and talk to your husband, your doctor, and your girlfriends. Trust me, our girl friends who have been pregnant are the most helpful ones. 🙂