Dead Bodies on TV

I found an interesting fact last night in my class. My native teacher, orginally from Australia, said that Australian Television Stations are not allowed to show DEAD BODIES to the audiences. So, you won’t see dead bodies, not even blurred image, on your TV screen there. There’s a specific law about this issue, too. I asked my teacher why and he said that because it’s not proper to show people the condition of dead people. So, he was surprised when he saw dead bodies are shown on Indonesia televisions. Instead, it’s a usual thing to see nudity on Australian televisions, while you won’t find it here, on our televisions, hahahahha….


New Class

Today, I started my new english conversation class. I took conversation class, taught by a native speaker named Rod, in an institution called Adventist English Conversation School (AECS). I’ve been in Bandung for 4 years and more, but I just knew today that this school is located in Jl. Cikapayang, hahahaa…. I even just heard the name of the school.

I only need to pay IDR 475,000 for a month (I do only want to get a month class). It’s cheap enough. The class will be held 4 times a week (Monday-Thursday), one and a half hour each session. Since I couldn’t attend the morning class today, so I attended evening class (6-7.30 pm). I thought there would be only me and my friend in tonight’s class, but it turned out there were seven students today with various ages and backgrounds. Among those seven students, I’m neither the oldest nor the youngest,, hahaha, thanx God (since I feel kinda getting ooollllddd).

I think joining this class will be a good and productive activity in spending my spare time since I don’t have any academic activities (besides finishing my journal which haven’t been finished until NOW). And you know, lately my days are filled with jobseeking activities. I am currently in a recruitment process of a company which has spent three days in a row for many kinds of tests. Wish me luck on this one, OK? ;D

And about the teacher, Rod, I like him. He is nice and cheerful. He said that he just married a Batak woman two weeks ago and has travelled around 21 countries in the world, wow…. It’s amazing, among all countries he has ever been, he chose to married an Indonesian woman… (so, I have a good chance to marry ‘bule’, right?? hwahahaha).

Well, I actually want to post something about my last trip to Jogja, but I don’t have time for now (gaya benerrrr… hahahah). It’s still in my draft, just wait for it… heheheh…