I’m finally 25 and I’m complete…

Now, it’s my turn to finally announce that I’m officially a Mrs.! 😀

Sampe hari-H, masih ada beberapa teman yang bilang “still can’t believe ipeh getting married!”. And my mom, well, repeatedly she asked me “are you ready?”. My mom was fourteen when she married my dad, how could I not be more ready than she was?  So, here I am. Living in a new city, in a new house, in a new family. So far away from my old home, my families, and my close friends. But, this is life, consisting a half of sadness and a half of happiness.

Menikah di usia maksimal 25 juga sudah saya targetkan sejak saya masih kecil. Kenapa 25 ya waktu itu? Entah, waktu itu saya cuma merasa usia 25 adalah usia yang tepat. Gak kecepetan, gak kelambatan. Enam bulan lalu, saya sama sekali tidak mengira target saya tersebut bisa tercapai. Memang tidak ada yang namanya tidak mungkin. Alhamdulillah, Allah mengizinkan saya memenuhi semua dream board list yang saya buat 3 tahun yang lalu.

I’m now building a relationship with a guy who will accompany me until the rest of my life, who will become the father of my children, and also a leader for me. I love him and I love my new family here as I love my family in Jakarta. No matter what, I’ll give my best to make them all happy.

Thank you for all my friends who have given your blessings to us and come to my reception. Thanx, guys. More happiness for all of us in the future… Amin…

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